Lyrics N Adlibs Vocal Sample Pack - Male Rapper Vocals - UK Male Vocals


In this exciting new Sample pack you get access to 56 high quality WAV sample files including an entire 16 bar verse and Adlibs to go with it. You get both WET with FX like reverb & Delay versions as well as DRY, straight up no frills, clean versions in this pack to chop up, sample, re-sample and mashup in your own unique way!
All Samples are 16-Bit, 44K high quality WAV files.
If you want a bit more flexibility than the WAV files alone, there is also an option to have the Logic X Project file included with your WAV files too!
All samples are Royalty free for use in your own projects both commercial & Non-Commercial use. Simply credit me on projects as 'LADLX' and add a link to this pack, or to my work ;)


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