10 Positive Game Character Vocal Effects


This is a pack of 10 individual game voice vocal effects that will sound great in any game or project including music that requires crisp, clear and powerful vocal effects.
The 10 Vocal effects consists of 9 different phrases with two variant phrases. Each effect has a 2 second pause between the next so they are easy to chop and sample. They are as follows:
Amazing – 0:02 Awesome – 0:02 Oh my God – 0:02 Oh My God (variant) – 0:02 You are amazing – 0:02 Awesome (Variant) – 0:02 Outstanding – 0:02 You Win – 0:02 You’re the best – 0:02 This is incredible – 0:02
Please do not hesitate to drop me a message if you would like a custom vocal sound effect or vocal work for your project.


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