About Us

  • Run Single Handedly by a London Born, Essex Based Producer & All Round Noise Maker
  • I Sell Things To Help You Maximise Your Productivity & To Make Money From What I Love Doing
  • I Live In A Very Small Flat Somewhere In Essex 
  • I've Been Making Sounds For About 8 Years 
  • I Hope You Like My Shiny New Online Shop, Cause I Do!
  • At The Moment Its Only Me (Sometimes I Bug My Wife Into Providing A Few Lovely Vocals For You Lot), But Maybe One Day, I'll Have A Great Team Of Producers And Noise Makers On Board
  • Contact: "me@homestudiostuff.co.uk"
  • Social links:
  • Twitter: @Homestudiostuff
  • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf3-U2M01cys6uT2hyHpjCw/videos