VeryOld Video

1950s Drive-in Movie ads - Save Free Tv, 1950s Anti Cable Tv advert, 1950s tv, 1950s adverts July 24, 2021 18:39

A short video shown during the intermission segments at 1950s Drive-in movies and on 1950s TV. This 1950s advert warned viewers about the horrors of paid tv and cable tv companies that were threatening to make tv a paid service and encouraged them to vote against the cable tv companies in order to keep tv free.

1950s Drive-in Movie Intermission Ads, 1950s Sprite Advert, 1950s Coca Cola Advert, Ricos Nachos July 24, 2021 18:38

A 1950's Drive-in Movie intermission segment that includes a number of branded adverts including: Rico's Nachos, a 1950's Sprite Advert and a 1950's Coca Cola Advert. The segment also includes some short animated 1950s cartoons. NOTE: There are some sections where the music has been muted due to comply with Copyright claims and ownership that are still valid and in place.

1950s Drive-In Movie Welcome Screen, Drive-in Movie Ads, 1950s cinema, 1950s drive-in, 1950s tv July 24, 2021 18:36

A short insert that would be used to welcome patrons to a 1950s Drive-in movie.

Goodnight Squarecat- 1950s Drive-in Movie end of film insert - 1950s film, 1950s ads, 1950s TV July 24, 2021 18:34

The end of movie insert shown at the end of a 1950s Drive-in Movie showing thanking patrons for coming and letting them know it is now time to go home. The gentleman is wearing classing 1950s Squarecat style glasses.

1950s Drive-in Movie Snackbar animation, Drive-in Movie Ads, 1950's ads, 1950's tv, 1950's film July 24, 2021 18:27

A very short animation clip that would have been show during a 1950's era drive-in movie intermission encouraging patrons to visit the snack bar.

1950s Drive-in Movie Intermission Animation, 1950s cinema, 1950s ads July 24, 2021 18:24

A very short 1950's Drive-in Movie intermission animation that would have been shown to let patrons know it is time for the intermission.

1950s Drive-In Movie Hot Dog Ad - Drive-In ads, Drive-in Movie Ads, 1950s Ads, 1950s tv July 24, 2021 15:26

1950s Drive-in movie advert tempting patrons to visit the refreshment stand and buy a delicious hotdog. Classic 1950s Adverts, 1950s TV, 1950s Cinema, 1950s Movies, Drive-in Ads