A demonstration and review of the iKaossilator from Korg running on an iPhone 5C January 2, 2015 02:00

I bring you a relatively short video demonstration and review of the cool Korg iKaossilator app. I am using iKaossilator on the iPhone 5c and it runs well with little to no lag or delay anytime I am using it.
On this particular occasion the upload to sound cloud function didn't seem to be working properly but, I have used it at least twice successfully in the past.
This is a great little app for getting your creative juices flowing anywhere you can use a phone and has the potential to make some really nice stuff. Whilst it is limited to 190 stock sounds which includes an additional EDM PACK OF 40 sounds, you can in fact import your own WAV and a few other format sounds to bring even more possibilities to the app.
You can also export sounds to an ableton project in sets of 4 bars and then join these exports up to build up a full track which is great.
All in all a good and easy to use app that is fun to use and can produce some real nice sounding stuff.